Our Philosophy

At the Mount Druitt Children’s Centre we believe education stems from families and life experiences. Staff experience and knowledge have been incorporated to provide opportunities to extend on children’s interests and encourage children to make choices and take on new challenges.

We believe it is important that all staff and families work closely together to promote and maintain an environment that is respectful and encouraging of each others opinions and ideas.

The program provides an opportunity for all children to engage in a wide range of cultural and anti-bias experiences stemming from the social and cultural values of the community. We incorporate the Early Years Framework to ensure all children’s play builds on their success in later life. By integrating Belonging, Being and Becoming, it allows children to become confident and involved learners and also educates families on their children’s success.

As staff, we will endeavour to foster the children’s sense of security and trust by encouraging independence and empathy through positive and friendly interactions.

We implement a wide range of environmentally sustainable practices at the centre which is depicted within our daily program. This enables our families the opportunity to explore the environment in a safe and viable way.