Munch and Move - Nepean & Mount Druitt

After having staff members attend the Munch and Move workshop in 2012, the principles of the programme have become an integral part of life at the Centre.

Munch and Move has been used as a focal point in acquiring knowledge in living a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating habits and increased physical activity. This has been accomplished through the Centre’s learning programmes, information brochures and via newsletters to parents.

The Centre also received a grant from Munch and Move which was used to encourage the children to be physically active as they donned garden gloves and went about the task of potting plants to create a hedge around the Cubby House, thus enhancing the aesthetics of the Centre’s outdoor environment while also connecting with nature.

Therefore, being part of the Munch and Move programme will continue in the future and will assist the Centre to provide families with current information to ensure the health and well being of children of all ages.