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Big Guys Update

Welcome to the Big Guys room for 2019. Currently we have a lot of new children, both new to the centre and those who have transitioned from the Little Guys room. As a result we have gone ‘back to basics’ with the room layout and our programming. By this we mean that there are standard resources available for the children that encourage them to get to know the room, the routine, the educators and each other. It is important that all the children feel part of the room in order to learn, be happy and develop relationships. As the children become more settled into the room the resources and environment will adjust. If there is anything you would like us to add please speak to us.

Our main programming focus at the moment is sustainability. With this we are talking about recycling and the environment. To start with we have had many group discussions, prepared the vegetable garden for planting and even had a visit from Michelle at Blacktown Council to talk about the water cycle. We are also going to introduce recycling of paper and plastic in the future once the children are more settled into the routine and have a deeper understanding.

During our group times we are also reading a lot of books with the children. This encourages their literacy skills, imaginations as well as helping to prepare them for school. We ask the children questions about the story, act out the funny parts (Denise is very good at this!!) and encourage the children to share their thoughts with their peers. If you would like to borrow some of the books to read at home with your child please ask. We are more than happy to share.